The Dog Hikers
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Patrick passed away on Tuesday,
May 12, 2009

Patrick was a very loved dog within our pack. Our regular
Tuesday All Day hiker he would enjoy his hikes incredibly. His
favorite buddy was Buster. He and Buster loved to play and
simply hang out.

Patrick had an excellent nose and usually the one to indicate
something was close by. He barked at the deer, who would graze
right in front of our house. He did not like cats and although he
had an encounter with our cat Cynder he never learned. He was
just as eager the next time to get THAT cat!

Patrick loved to get out of his collar. He had lost a lot of weight
during our hikes and his collar was never adjusted. Patrick
always wanted to be off-leash and figured out a way to wiggle
himself out of that collar.

Patrick: we will miss you terribly. We are happy to have gotten
the time we did with you. Thank you for being such a great hiker.
You will never be forgotten!

We love you!

The Dog Hikers